About Us

Sigma Chi is the second largest fraternity in the world, with over 270,000 brothers internationally. Over the past more than 150 years, over 220 undergraduate, and almost 150 alumni chapters have been formed, with the purpose of "cultivating and maintaining the high ideals of friendship, justice, and learning upon which Sigma Chi was founded," and vision statement "to become the preeminent collegiate leadership development organization - aligned, focused and living our core values."


Having just celebrated our 29th anniversary at Clarkson University, Iota Zeta was founded in 1988.


The Iota Zeta chapter of Sigma Chi has consistently been composed of campus leaders and successful students. This is not by chance, but by the means of selection and training that a Sigma Chi goes through.


Iota Zeta participates in many philanthropic and volunteer events, including the Relay For Life, Polar Bear Dip, Senior Citizens Proms, Highway Cleanup and other activities. As you can see, giving back to the community has been, and very much still is, very important to Iota Zeta. We also put on a week-long event that is a national tradition for Sigma Chi, called Derby Days.


Becoming a member of a Greek organization is much more than just a social outlet. There are countless other benefits that one can receive by being affiliated with such an organization. The biggest skill one can attain is leadership. The opportunities to gain leadership skills are endless and something very important to bring with you through the rest of your life. Other important things are communication and teamwork skills. All of these things are ones that are hard to find inside of the classroom. These skills are vital to success after college and can be useful things to talk about during an interview.