Why Go Greek?

Kevin Lobdell, 2006

Becoming a member of a Greek organization is much more than just a social outlet. There are countless other benefits that one can receive by being affiliated with such an organization. The biggest skill one can attain is leadership. The opportunities to gain leadership skills are endless and something very important to bring with you through the rest of your life. Other important things are communication and teamwork skills. All of these things are ones that are hard to find inside of the classroom. These skills are vital to success after college and can be useful things to talk about during an interview.

Greek organizations tend to be very philanthropic and work towards bettering the community they live in and the lives of others. This goes beyond just raising money for a good cause, but donating some of your own time to a cause that can affect others in a positive manner. Greeks take pride in everything that they do and are very proud to be able to help their communities.

One thing that is tied into all activities is fun. There are enough stressful challenging things about college life, but Greek life through all its facets has fun intertwined with everything. The best and most important part of Greek life is the friendships and bonds that you make with your fellow members. These are people that you share very similar experiences and memories with forever. These people are your close friends for the rest of your life. There are very few other places where you can say that your close friends can remain a close friend forever. Combining these reasons and many more are why Greek life can be so beneficial. The memories, friendships, and skills will remain with you for the rest of your life.

Seriously consider how Greek organizations can benefit you and how you could benefit a Greek organization.

Why Pledge?

Mike Marko, 1997

I hope this page may serve as a guide to men who are searching for direction in their daily lives. The focus of this page will be on helping a man decide if pledging is for him; for truly it is not for everyone. The commitment it involves and the obligations it brings are heavy and may sometimes feel burdensome. However, the benefit brotherhood reaps is beyond what words can merely describe.

This page will be written from the standpoint of a Sigma Chi; that is what I am and what I will always be. I am not familiar with other houses nor do I discredit them. Here in Potsdam, there are many different Fraternities, all of which are very proud and rightly so! Who is not to be proud of the foundations in which we have helped to build and the ties we have made and the aspirations we hope to make reality? What often gets overlooked is the unifying bond of merely being greek.