Why Sigma Chi?

Paul Wackerow, 2006

The Iota Zeta chapter of Sigma Chi has consistently been composed of campus leaders and successful students. This is not by chance, but by the means of selection and training that a Sigma Chi goes through.

Residence life staff, student body reps, and other campus leaders founded the Iota Zeta chapter of Sigma Chi in 1988. Since then this chapter has consistently recruited such leaders, or searched out to find men that are capable of such leadership.

Sigma Chi strives to find good men so that we can give back to the community and develop these good men into better men. In 2005, Sigma Chi at Clarkson University raised over $12,500 and put in over 2000 hours of combined community service hours. This is not terribly hard to achieve over a year, but it does require a sense of dedication and willingness to help. There are many different Fraternities at Clarkson University, but time-after-time Sigma Chi has proven to be a leader in community service efforts and throughout campus / Greek activities.

Beyond being a leader throughout Clarkson University and Potsdam, the Iota Zeta chapter has proven to be a powerhouse when looked at by Sigma Chi internationally. Sigma Chi, originally founded in 1855, consists of 200+ chapters throughout the United States and Canada. The Peterson Significant Chapter Award is given yearly to any chapter that has proven excellence in all areas of Sigma Chi and Greek Life. Since the founding of Iota Zeta in 1988 we have received the Peterson award 11 times, which is outstanding considering that there are 50-100 year old chapter that have received the award fewer times.

Among these 200+ chapters there are over 200,000 members worldwide. Being a Sigma Chi provides an excellent networking opportunity. The ability to instantly connect on a personal level with over 200,000 men across the country is something very few organizations give you the power to do.

The Brotherhood of Sigma Chi expands far beyond the walls of Potsdam, and far beyond the college years. To become a member of Sigma Chi is to become a part of an international family that will be by your side throughout your life. It gives you a reason to return, and a place to return to after graduation to stay in touch with your college. When students graduate from college, so do their friends, but when a Sigma Chi graduates, the Brotherhood he has dedicated himself to does not leave; it stays in Potsdam, it spans across the world, and it stays by his side throughout life.

Sigma Chi offers good men a chance to become great men by living out and expanding their full potential. International programs such as Horizons and the Balfour Leadership Training Workshop are excellent character building opportunities exclusively for Sigma Chi's. Sigma Chi offers you distinction and a bond of brotherhood that will last a lifetime. Choose wisely.

Rushing Sigma Chi

Mike Marko, 1997

Let this page serve as a dedication to those who are, and those who aspire to be, one of over 250,000 men who have come with different talents, temperaments, and convictions to be part of the lifelong commitment of Sigma Chi.

"The mission of Sigma Chi Fraternity is to promote friendship, justice, and learning as the exemplification of our brotherhood and to inspire a lifelong commitment to serve our families, friends, and the communities in which we live and work."

What is it about a Fraternity that binds men in undying bonds? I would respond it is enjoying the good times together as well as enduring the bad. It is to be proud in your heart of the men you are close to, and more importantly, why you are close to them. It is something different for everyone who has experienced the fraternal bond.